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At Stepping Stone Academy, we set the standard.

Thank you for visiting our website. Stepping Stone Academy, an emerging leader in childcare, stands above the rest.  We offer competitive prices in a professional learning environment. At Stepping Stone Academy, we offer high quality services and take pride in the value we offer, the trained staff we provide, and the careful attention we pay to our students' experience.

Stepping Stone Academy is striving to offer the highest-quality option for childcare and preschool in an area that has previously remained unserviced by any other licensed childcare facility.

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“Where children are encouraged to be curious, ambitious, and discover a love of learning.”

Stepping Stone Academy promotes the philosophy of teaching children to love learning.  By encouraging children to be curious, ambitious learners, the Academy hopes to grow children into lifelong learners that are more than capable of succeeding in their years beyond formal schooling.