Early education is about developing a positive attitude towards learning, building a child's confidence in themselves as a learner, and providing them with the tools to create their own success.

These concepts are what shape our mission here at Stepping Stone Academy: encourage children to be curious, ambitious, and discover a love of learning. 

Like nowhere else in McKenney, VA

It's all about the community - the community around McKenney is looking to the Academy for the highest quality services around. We want to make sure that our parents and students are happy with what we offer, and that they pass on that happiness to others. 

Tell us how to make it better

Stepping Stone Academy intends to create a legacy of quality, and that foundation will be built on comments and feedback from our trusted parents and students. Tell us how we can be the very best in our business, and how we can continue to offer you the excellence in service that you will always deserve.